Welcome to Chapman Toys

Chapman Toys was founded with one purpose in mind, to let kids have fun with great toys. The founder, Angelica Chapman, believes that all children need to be able to have fun from their developmental years into their teens. It is due to this belief that Chapman Toys passes savings onto our customers. 

Boy playing with wooden train toys

Chapman Toys also partners with specially selected affiliates to help our customers find the perfect toy for your child. We understand that making a toy purchase is special and it should be easy to find what you are looking for. Children’s toys are an influential piece of raising a child in the manner you believe to be the best way and we want to help you with a wide selection. Without toys our children can become bored which can, in turn, slow the intellectual growth.  

Toys for Everyone

We have a firm opinion that every child should have toys. Toys can significantly increase creativity for developing children as they use their imagination to create fun adventures. They also help to develop and improve motor skills, mobility, and eye hand coordination. These are just some of the benefits of encouraging play. 

Although video games have made it easier for children to sit idle for long periods of time, physical toys must be picked up and used creating a more active child. There are also social benefits as many children will choose to want to play with others more often helping them to learn how to interact with others. They may create exciting new worlds and engaging characters that lead to more mature personalities all built through play.