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Love Life And Angelica

Love Life And Angelica is all about creating awareness of High Blood Pressure with time-saving ways to stay healthy that just about anyone can do. Our brand shares more than just nutrition facts. We feature also self-care tips and fun, heart-friendly, and easy ways to spend time with family and friends.

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Angelica’s Wellness Shop offers a variety of fitness and health products for both men and women. Our brand have blood pressure monitors, boxing bag gloves, and health-friendly activities to enjoy with friends and family.

About Angelica Chapman

Angelica Chapman founder of Chapman Toy'sHi, I’m Angelica Chapman, a Health and Wellness Advocate. I understand the difficulties of being a Professional, Entrepreneur, Wife, and busy Mom who works hard to control the struggle of trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, career, and family.

In the hassle of life, people start neglecting their health and develop unhealthy eating habits. Such practices lead to health issues such as hypertension which causes heart problems over time.

To help people live their lives to the fullest, I provide the tools, strategies, and support to help people create meaningful change in their lives.

45.6% of Americans suffer from high blood pressure, so I feel that we need to increase awareness around this area. I focus on teaching people simple ways to keep good heart health. This is why I offer fitness and health products along with free health-related tips on Instagram and here in my blog.

My Mission

I’ve helped hundreds of people with developing healthy living habits and I aim to continue helping people towards being successful and fulfilled.

I empathize with my community as I struggled with the same challenges they are facing right now. Fitness and health products transformed my life. Now I feel the responsibility of helping people get out of the unhealthy lifestyle that is harming them and hindering their success.

Education and Interests

I have a degree from North Carolina State University and in my free time, I am a community volunteer, hiker, traveler, photographer, yogi, and compassionate awareness advocate.

Book by Angelica

I’ve written an eBook named ‘Living a Healthy Lifestyle’.

It is packed with result-derive ways to heal your relationship with food and provide balance in your life that may prevent or reverse medical conditions such as High Blood Pressure.

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Order now and get a free Low-Sodium Meal Plan eBook with it.

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Do you want to find simple and convenient ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

You can get them on my Instagram account and here in my blog. I give free tips that you can follow to protect yourself from harmful health issues

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New Book by Angelica Chapman

Living a Healthy Lifestyle eBook by American writer Angelica Chapman. This book tells simple and result-driven tips to heal your relationship with food and provide balance in your life which may prevent or reverse medical conditions such as High Blood Pressure. The eBook grew out of Chapman’s interest in building awareness of Hypertension after she learned about her medical condition. To order this book click below and for a limited time you will also receive a free Low-Sodium Meal Plan eBook as well.  Together these two eBooks have a $50 value.  *Please note to receive the free download after payment please click “Return to Merchant”