About the Chapman Toy's

Boy dreaming of being spidermanChapman Toy’s was born from a love of helping children to have a fun and healthy childhood. We have recognized that with all the things happening around this world the children need to be ready to build a better future. We hope to help these kids by making sure they enjoy their young lives and experience happiness and laughter. 

As Chapman Toy’s has grown we have become more focused on outdoor toys, equipment, and gifts to get your body moving. Too many children are stuck in front of a television which does not stimulate the imagination or creativity. The art of play allows a child to create a world of fantasy that can help them to grow into adults that can change the world. 

It is our mission to change the outlook of the world by simply letting children have fun when they are supposed to. It is our hope that they will grow up into adults that can appreciate the good things in life and remember how to play instead of always being negative or pessimistic. 

Could you imagine what it would be like today if we, as adults, still played with toys sometimes? 

About the Founder

Angelica Chapman founder of Chapman Toy'sThe founder of Chapman Toys is Angelica Chapman. She understands the difficulties of being a Professional, Entrepreneur, Wife, and busy Mom who works hard to control the struggle of trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, career, and family. In the beginning, she thought she would simply be retailing online with her family while contributing to their family values of caring, loyalty, humility, and deep commitment to the community. 

But like life the concept and her brand evolved. As her world changed, she recognized that she could choose to be surrounded by people who have a mission and the will towards personal growth and positivity. Her journey and new learnings lead to her concept how to present Chapman Toys to the world.

Angelica Chapman and Family

So who? What? Why? #lovelifeandangelica and #chapmantoys is literally about awareness, ownership, a commodity of community health, and declaration of her gifts and responsibilities. She chose to move in the energy of positivity, encouragement, education, attention to health, the elevation of others, and anything else that adds to experiencing life fuller.  

In her health support practice, she provides the tools, strategy, and support to help people create meaningful change in their lives.

Angelica loves her work because helping people towards being successful and fulfilled is deeply meaningful to her. She struggled with the same challenges her clients face; Angelica explains, “I am very familiar with experiencing the turning point in my health that forced me to decide who I am and what I am capable of while balancing family obligations and feelings of inadequacy. I get it. I know there is a better way. Coaching transformed my life. It is my life¹s purpose to help people create a life they are proud of”.

Prior to coaching, Angelica created a simple system that you can replicate and can help you reach your goal!

In her family-owned online specialty store, she provides outdoor toys, equipment, and gifts to get your body moving. Chapman Toys is trusted by both consumers and partners to provide the best products to help fulfill your fun and health needs at a great value.

Angelica has a degree from North Carolina State University and in her free time, she is a community volunteer, hiker, traveler, photographer, yogi, and a compassionate awareness advocate.

New Book by Angelica Chapman

Living a Healthy Lifestyle ebook by American writer Angelica Chapman. This book tells simple and result-driven tips to heal your relationship with food and provide balance in your life which may prevent or reverse medical conditions such as High Blood Pressure. The ebook grew out of Chapman¹s interest in building awareness of Hypertension after she learned about her medical condition. To order this book click below and for a limited time you will also receive a free Low-Sodium Meal Plan eBook as well.  Together these two ebooks have a $50 value.  *Please note to receive the free download after payment please click “Return to Merchant”