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What Motivates You

Lifestyle factors including exercise, weight loss, limited consumption of alcohol, sodium and dietary fat help regulate hypertension. However, according to researchers, motivation is a key intervention in the combination of these factors to help reduce high blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may seem simple, but without motivation, it may be all in vain.

The doctor’s advice, social support, and specific strategies to regulate blood pressure are essential. Researchers point that encouraging patients with hypertension to maintain a healthy lifestyle will help them lower their high blood pressure. 

Motivation is key

Motivation is a key aspect in the regulation of blood pressure. Most people are initially motivated with words about hypertension to lose weight, take part in exercise, and consume a healthy diet. Sometimes, it takes a little nudge to keep high blood pressure patients motivated to stay in the right direction. 

The DASH diet

DASH is a heart -healthy diet recommended for people with high blood pressure. The diet designed to help lower blood pressure comprises vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products. But consuming the diet alone might have a minor effect in helping reduce blood pressure. Individuals are often motivated to combine the diet with other lifestyle changes to reap maximum results. 

Occasional meetings with therapist

You may not see a big difference in the fight to reduce blood pressure when combining diet and other lifestyle changes. However, occasional meetings with a therapist could help you understand the importance of reaching your blood pressure goals. Even without therapeutic strategies to do so, in the end, people with hypertension come out happy. Most of the people commit to a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, nutritious eating habits, and investing in self-care. As a result, their blood pressure drops by an average of nearly seven points. 

Social support groups

Sometimes the kind of lifestyle we subscribe to every day only makes our blood pressure levels worse. For instance, most of us love consuming cakes, cookies, and other sugary snacks or foods. There is so much we can achieve if we decided to cut off the consumption of such foods. It might not be easy. But not when you have a social support group that motivates you to avoid such foods. People help each other by holding each other accountable and being a voice of reason towards helping you resist eating cakes, biscuits, and other sugary snacks. While it seems simple, it helps to regulate your high blood pressure effectively. 

Regular advice from the doctor 

Of the motivation factors, receiving regular advice from your doctor is the most effective way. The doctor provides specific advice and informs you of exactly what you need to do to reach optimal blood pressure levels. Besides, he/she will provide specific strategies to follow to enable you to lower your blood pressure. 


The motivation factors mentioned above may be simple but they’re critical in enabling you to reach optimal blood pressure levels. Besides, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a combination of different factors including weight loss, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and more. However, motivation is the key driving force behind a healthy lifestyle in people with hypertension. Doctors advice, social support groups, meetings with a counselor help keep your motivation a counselor or therapist help keep your motivation high.