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Blend your very own scented slimes in with this Slime’licious Slime Station! This set makes up to 16 scented mini slimes! Slime’licious slimes are so new and SMELLICIOUS! This slime making workstation makes it so fun and simple to stir up your own custom nourishment motivated little slimes without a mess. Make your very own scented slime plans! Incorporates all that you need simply include water! No paste required. Slime Station incorporates 4 mini parfait style slime shakers and slime powder you can make popcorn slime, grape slime, chocolate slime, bubble gum slime or even Strawberry Milk and Cereal slime! What slime will you stir up? Essentially administer slime powder into the shaker cup. At that point include a couple of drops of your decision of scented colorants. Include some water into the shaker cup at that point shake for 30 seconds. Your slime is prepared in a short time! Blend in the pack of decorations and make the most of your sweet fragrance sational slime! Incorporates Slime Station, Slime Powder, 3 jugs of scented colorant, small scale spoon, blending device, 7 Packs of Decorations, 3 little straw enrichments, 4 reusable smaller than normal Slime Shaker Containers, 1 Sticker Sheet, and Instructions. Gather and make all the Slime’licious styles from So Slime DIY

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